Apr 21, 2014

You don't become Taş Otel for no reason

The pool and the garden of Taş Hotel,
Alaçatı, Turkey.

Alaçatı Taş Hotel.
Photo: Manel Armengol

Alaçatı's landmark place Taş Otel was one of the first boutique hotels to open there. Still reaping the benefits of its early investment, one has to book long in advance to find a place in the busy July-August season. Even then, its peaceful atmosphere surrounds you as soon as you enter it after beating the crowds. I was lucky to go in September after having asked for a media discount which I received. Thus, this post is not written as a result of a free stay dear readers. 

Curtains, cats and stones of Taş Hotel.

Photo: Manel Armengol

I was struck by the tranquility of the hotel and the naturally flowing good service one especially sees during the superb breakfast and the 5 o'clock tea that is served with yummy pastries. In September, when the days start getting shorter, it makes one rush back to the hotel from the beach for it. Indeed, the service comes as natural as the cats strolling in the garden or the little sparrows that drink the pool's water. I also liked the mixture of foreign and local tourists, not too local, not too touristy. 

Rooms of Taş Hotel, Alaçatı.
Photo: Manel Armengol

The peaceful atmosphere and the rustic decoration of the hotel is respectful of the history of Alaçatı. Utmost care is taken to keep the building as it is. All details are well thought and respectful of the environment: the hotel soap is the famous Datça brand Olive Farm;  the bottled water in the room is of glass not of plastic. Cornucopia Magazine, top cultural magazine for Turkey, is in the room to be browsed. And what is more, despite its enormous success, its owner did not add more rooms to the hotel. Which makes you think that success is not a coincidence.