Mar 29, 2011

Your honor this is a blog

Dear Viewers,

I have to give a reason for over a month long silence. My blog as other blogs in Turkey has been rendered inaccessible by the decision of a Turkish court. The blogsphere in Turkey has been busy with this ban almost a month now and I have been upset about this for a while, see: Nevertheless, I was lucky enough to be a lawyer and to know the right people to deal with this absurdity. In fact, my attorneys filed the only objection to the decision as a result of which the ban was lifted. The picture refers to the newspaper article written about the subject. For more on the issue see this and follow #internetimedokunma or #turkeynetban @twitter. At the moment, we are waiting for the offical service of the decision to the relevant authorities be able to access our blogger accounts at all times.

I would like to thank my colleague Yaman Akdeniz and Kerem Altıparmak for their know how (consultancy) and my attorneys Beste Şanlı Üner and Mervan Eren Gül for their efforts in fighting this. Travelmind will continue to report from all around the world. 

Taraf newspaper's article concerning the legal process that Travelmind applied.