Dec 16, 2010

Hillside Su in Antalya: White is for peace, red is for sexy

Antalya has seen a terrible urban sprawl in the last decade but despite all the concrete buildings, nature’s kindness to it still makes it a great place for weekend getaways given its great air connection to all over the world. There is no beating of the Taurus mountains rising behind the city while the Mediterranean Sea shines. Antalya is also a great location to explore the ancient ruins surroundings it: Perge, Termessos, Phaselis, Aspendos.

A look at the gallery of Hillside Su in Antalya.

But there is one hotel, opened in 2003, that has been the winner of many awards over the world and covered in many travel magazines that I will talk about. It is the white decorated Hillside Su. The design hotel has long been a hit of the town with its minimalist decoration that may seem like a space station. Although some call its decoration a “modern mental institution” (courtesy of ZZ), we joke that it was built for business men to have sex with their girlfriends. The crude way thus put, does not do justice to the concept. The hotel indeed makes you wanna lay down all the time. It starts with the entry into the hotel. Unlike in other hotels, you are not greeted by the reception but the lounge which is decorated with comfy white couches full of pillows that feel more like a bed. Many people lay down on them while sipping their cocktails and the disco balls on the ceiling turn and give the atmosphere a celebrity feeling.

The rooms are decorated in white at Hillside Su.

And this is the "Red" restaurant at Hillside Su.

This is where you sip your coctails at night in Hillside Su.

As you proceed to your room, also decorated in white, you realize that in addition to the bed in your room, the balcony also has a bed. Further, the rooms are full of large mirrors, dotted with red accessories and there is a red light in the room as well as in the corridors while the staff is also dressed in white. There is more to your room than you: a gold fish in a bowl can accompany you during your stay. In addition, everything in the room is for sale from the toothpaste in the bathroom to the wine opener in the mini bar.

The gold fish in a bowl, not only in your room but also at the reception of Hillside Su.

The "citrus valley" full of citrus trees on the way to the beach.

In the summer, Hillside Su has a very nice beach and cabana as well as a great pool that you walk after passing an alley with citrus trees which I call the “citrus valley”. The hotel has various food options. I choose “Red” where breakfast  is served but it’s open buffet lunches or dinners are also great options. The Lounge  has a Mediterranean cuisine and you can also have sushi.

This is the view from the elevator to the pool and the beach of Hillside Su.
Overall, the hotel makes you feel like you are in a Tarantino movie, but I must warn that it is not for everybody. Having checked some negative comments on tripadvisor, I can see that too much white may attack your eyes (for my tired urban eyes, it was great), the beds in balconies seem exhibitionist and prices high. Therefore, your best option may be a long weekend stay (but not longer). I still rate it the best place in Antalya especially if you are a couple. For more click here.