Sep 21, 2010

Please do not discover Lipsos Ata'nın Yeri in Karaburun

Dinner at Ata'nın Yeri starts with mezes.
Ata'nın Yeri is further north of Yeniliman village.

I have been to Ata'nın Yeri in Karaburun, northwest of Izmir three times in five years. It is a place to go back time and again not only for the beauty of its location right by the sea or for its tranquility but also its delicious food cooked on the spot, on a daily basis. In fact it is a family establishment and maybe this is why it makes you feel so comfortable. But it's not only Ata and his wife Evren but also the children (Kına and Ali Efe) as well as our waitor Mustafa who make you feel welcome and at home at the same time.

A view from the terasse of Lipsos Ata'nın yeri.

The view from our caravan at Ata'nın Yeri.

The library-lounge of Ata'nın yeri in Karaburun.

Karaburun is in northern the top of the peninsula close to Izmir, Turkey and is still virgin territory despite its proximity to other hot spots such as Alaçatı or Çeşme. Atanın Yeri is located 10 km north from Karaburun in a village called Yeniliman. Initially it stood as a villa where one wakes up every morning with the sound of waves and goes to sleep with the sound of waves. Over the years, they added bungalows and caravans to their room options. No matter which option you choose, the beach is literally 15 meters from your room. The rooms are decorated in a simple manner but with delightful colors. 

While discovering the peninsula, I came across this absurd living room furniture on the side of the road.

Sunset into the sea from Sarpıncık village, Karaburun.

Given it is far from other places that serve food, the hotel can also be half pension if you so choose. In other words, it includes room, breakfast and dinner. And what dinner! Yummy mezes of all kinds served in small plates, to be then followed by shripms and calamari and fish. Drinks and lunch were extra which I also ate there for I could not be bothered to go somewhere else.

Dinner is served here at Ata'nın Yeri in 2011.

If you have a car you should go see the lighthouse (Sarpıncık Feneri) further north than Ata'nın Yeri but beware that that the road is a dusty, lonely, no cellphone reception route which might freak you out if you venture it -like I did- by yourself. Preferably go with couple of people and a bottle of -pick your poison! There are also little nice Aegean villages around as well as windroses for electricity generation that provide  nice picture opportunities.

The beach of the hotel is right in front at Ata'nın yeri.

Karaburun's harbour with its pristine waters.

One can only hope that Ata'nın Yeri remains the cosy, tasteful and simple place it is. So, please do not spread the word. Let the crowds be scared from the last 30 km of the road after Çeşme-İzmir highway, for being curvy and at times very narrow.

Rakı tastes better when drank on the beach
close to Ata'nın Yeri in Karaburun.